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Hip Whitening Cream

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Hip Whitening Cream

Hip Whitening Cream in Pakistan

About this item

  • Buttsize plumpy up smoothing cream: The buttsize plumpy up smoothing cream extract is rich in a variety of nourishing ingredients, based on plant formula, nourishes muscle cells and promotes the growth of the glutes to improve the buttocks and make it fuller.
  • Butt enhancement cream: The essential oil improves flabby, flabby, flabby and flat buttocks and ensures a firm buttocks. Butt cream for larger butt suit for all women who dream of a beautiful hip.
  • Hip strengthening: The buttocks care cream helps healthier and improves sagging and sagging buttocks. Excellent effective butt enhancement cream that lifts your buttocks, tightens your skin, eliminates black lines and removes cellulite.
  • Tightens loose skin: Butt lift cream is effective in combating bumpy, flat and dry skin. As a result, it helps to bring the hips full. Effectively shapes the hip line to create a confident and beautiful.
  • Nourishing treatment: A deep, moisturising and nourishing treatment for your skin to keep it smooth and soft by improving the elasticity of your skin, it transforms your butt into a firm, round, full and youthful state. Suitable for all skin types of women and men.


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